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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Drone Pilot

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Drone Pilot

When you need something done by a drone – around the house, or for your business – and you aren’t a licensed pilot, here’s a word of advice:

Step away from the controller.

Listen to that little voice that says you should not do it yourself. Here are four good reasons:

1.) The license.

You need a license to fly commercially, and the FAA is clear that “commercial use” includes flying for the benefit of your own business. Even if you aren’t selling the data to somebody else, if you’re flying for any reason other than relaxation, you must have a Part 107 certificate/license. You also may need special authorization to get permission to fly in your airspace. If you don’t know what Class of airspace you’re in, or whether or not you need authorization, that’s a good clue you need a pro operator to avoid breaking the law.

2.) Insurance.

Drones are very safe: but anything that flies with a propeller should not be taken lightly. There are any number of things to hit especially if you are flying a mission (drone speak) near people or things. If a battery fails or the drone loses power for some other reason, dropping on a nearby Mercedes Benz… somebody will wish they had aviation liability coverage. Professional operators, such as ALL ISLAND AERIAL and All City Aerial, carry aviation liability insurance. [Note: Most Homeowners' Insurance policies DO NOT cover damage from commercially operated drones]

3.) You will get a better product.

Do you do your own haircuts? What about car mechanics? Brain surgery? We thought not. Gathering aerial data is a definite skill, whether for surveying and construction, insurance purposes or real estate pictures. Hiring a pro will ensure that you get the best shots, finished into a product that you can use.

4.) It is faster in the long run.

Doing it right the first time takes less time in the long run. A professional drone pilot has the right tools for the job and can do it accurately, and in less time than it takes to do it yourself.

ALL ISLAND AERIAL and ALL CITY AERIAL has been in the aerial photography business since 2009. We are Part 107 and Part 61 certified, have more than 17 Controlled Airspace operational Waivers, and we carry a minimum of $1 Million in Aviation Liability Insurance for your peace of mind. If you have any questions at all regarding a Professional Drone Operation give us a call at 1-888-569-4222 or email us.

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